[Samba] Single logins, preexec, roaming profiles

Amadeus poff at sixbit.org
Sun May 23 02:29:24 GMT 2004


I've read the mailing list archives and see there are people interested in 
enforcing a single login per user policy.

I have a root preexec script as follows in my netlogon share (and 
everywhere else after that didn't work!):

smbstatus -bu $1 | awk -v uname="$1" '$2 == uname { exit 1 }'

If a user is logged in, it's exits with a status of 1 (which is seen in 
log.smbd) but even with :

root preexec close = yes

in the netlogon share users can still log in.

This is an issue with roaming profiles...

Anyone have and ideas?



ps. I found this:


Looks good! I guess there was no followup?

poff at sixbit.org
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