[Samba] Problems upgrading from 2.2.7a to 3.0.2a

Gary MacKay gary at edisoninfo.com
Sat May 22 13:19:06 GMT 2004

The biggest thing you need is the SID from the old samba. I think it _might_ 
have gone better if you had copied over all of the samba files and got 2.2.7 
running first, then upgrade it to 3.x. Microsoft networking/domains tie alot 
of stuff, to the network SID. Look on the old server for /var/lib/samba or 
/var/cache/samba folders. I 'think' what you are looking for is in the 
/var/cache/samba folder.

Something to try:
remove 3.x on new server
install 2.2.7 on new server
copy all files from /var/cache/samba from old server
test that machines login to 2.2.7 as before but with new server
down all workstations
upgrade 3.04 on top of 2.2.7
modify smb.conf file appropriately
   (ie.  valid users = @users  now is valid users = +users ) The @ is
          still supposed to work but I never could get it to.
Test login a workstation

- Gary

Jeremy wrote:
> First, a little background:
> For over a year now, we've had a 400 Mhz celeron running Samba 2.2.7 on RedHat
> 9, acting as a PDC for an office of about 8 Windows XP client PCs.  It has done
> a great job, but we recently bought a new Dell Poweredge 400 sc (2.4 Ghz P-4)
> to replace it.  I installed Gentoo on it, with Samba 3.0.2a.  I also copied the
> entire /home tree from the old box to the new one, preserving permissions. 
> (Yes, I copied the users  entries from /etc/passwd, all the UIDs and GIDs
> match.)  (Profiles are subdirectories of each users home dir).  I also copied
> over the smbpasswd file.  I didn't copy the smb.conf file though, I went
> through it, line by line, and copied configuration info by hand, making sure
> everything was correct.
> Ok, so, after all this, I thought I was good to make the switch.  I thought I'd
> be smart and shut down all the client PCs, shut down the old server, configure
> the new server to have the same hostname and IP address, start Samba, and start
> the client PCs, and hope they'd just use the new machine as the domain server. 
> Nope.  Oh well, I'll just go in and re-join the domain...  Wrong again.  The
> infamous "There cannot be multiple connections to the server..." crap.  Took me
> several hours of searching the net to figure out that -Shortcuts- to
> files/folders on the server can cause that message.  Ok, so I got it to join
> the domain.  I log off Administrator, and log in as a domain user.
> Login works wonderfully.  I am so happy.  But, after everything is loaded, i
> notice things are off.  Background is gone, I get a message about "Could not
> reconnect all network drives"  (There are usually two drives mapped to the
> server, Y and Z.  The Z drive maps just fine.  (Y maps to the 'public' shared
> directory for all users, while Z maps to the users home directory).
> I'm dumbfounded, so I click 'Start' to go into control panel, and another
> suprise, the icons on the left side of XP's two sides start menu, are gone.
> When I go to the display control panel, the theme box is entirely black, when
> you try to change any settings, you get "Cannot access C:\Windows\<some obscure
> file> error).
> I have dug and dug, I cannot find anything anywhere on the net about anyone
> having any problem even remotely similiar to this.
> Any help, is -greatly- appreciated.  This is the most confounding issue I've
> ever seen.  It's almost like the 'settings' for the profile aren't getting
> copied over.
> -Jeremy
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