[Samba] How to rename a user (in passdb.tdb?)

Milivoj Ivkovic mi at alma.ch
Sat May 22 11:56:57 GMT 2004


Either my previous message went unnoticed, or nobody knows? Since I didn't 
find anything through Google, I will try again here:

I need to rename a few users: change their login, but leave everything else 
as is, like their password, etc.

On the Linux side usermod seems to have done what I wanted:

   usermod -l $newname -c $newfullname -d /home/$newname -m $oldname

For Samba, I cannot find any command or option to pdbedit that would do that.

Before, I could have edited smbpasswd by hand, but now it seems everything 
is in /var/lib/samba/passdb.tdb.

I am using "smbd version 3.0.2a-Debian", and my smb.conf has

   passdb backend = tdbsam

If I just create new users with the new user name, I'm afraid their Windows 
profile and user registry will not work.

Thanks for any help,


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