[Samba] compiling editreg (was: read (and edit?) registry files on Linux)

Mi mi.lists at alma.ch
Sat May 22 09:56:04 GMT 2004

> > On the Samba site, I found a man page about editreg, but it's not very
> > clear, and I don't have it on my system.
>editreg is probably not build and installed by default on debian, so
>you'll need the source distribution.

OK, I got the source (samba-3.0.2a.tar.gz, so it would be the same version 
as my Debian install), and did:

   # ./configure
   # make

but it looks like editreg has not been compiled:

# find . -name "editreg*"

Sorry, but it looks I like I need a little bit more help...

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