[Samba] Gathering EventLog Information from a remote server or workstation

Lee W samba at mlists.unassemble.co.uk
Sat May 22 09:38:46 GMT 2004

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> >If rpcclient eventvwr support is no longer planned, can anyone make any
> >suggestions of how to get the information using Linux/BSD tools.  I have
found a
> >few tutorials on how to get the information using Perl, but these are when
> >running Perl from a win32 operating system, I would like to monitor as much
> >possible from the Linux boxes (currently using a mixture of SNMP tools, MRTG
> >Nagios).
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> >Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.
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> >Lee.
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> Actually, I'm interested in this as well, although the best way I know
> to retrieve event log info remotely is through WMI.  Unfortunately,
> there's no WMI implementation outside of Microsoft's on Windows (Windows
> Scripting Host).  The best way I could see to do it would be to
> consolidate all the Event Logs via polling to a text file on a Windows
> box would could be shared or monitored from your Linux box via
> smbfs/nfs, etc.
> Clint

I have sort of looked into this way myself, by writing a little VB program that
runs as a server (not exactly ideal) and then writes the information
to a text or possibly XML file (I need this thing to be automated). However I
feel this not only introduces another point of failure it also requires more
maintenance.  I wonder if there is something like
net-snmp for the windows platform that a special agent could be written, then
all the info could be gathered by any SNMP tool?

The following article may be of use to you:-

and this



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