[Samba] Lexmark X75, smbpool problem

necrouser necro at siudong.ath.cx
Fri May 21 21:52:45 GMT 2004

Hi all.
I've got this Lexmark X75 printer connected to a win 2k pro with "Unix print service" and "TCP/IP printing service" 
started. On my Freebsd 4.9 release box i have cups and samba installed. using smbspool 
smb://username:password@groupname/compname/printername ... file will got me stuck in command line forever
for cups, I started cupsd, http://localhost:631/admin, when I use lpd://hostname/printername as uri, the print job 
from freebsd will make the printer head back and forth once and it says "printing complete!" but of course it 
prints nothing. If I use smb://username:passwd@group/comp/printername, it gave me error of  "client-error-not-possible"
I wonder if I made mistake here?
Thanks for reading.

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