[Samba] Gathering EventLog Information from a remote server or workstation

Lee W samba at mlists.unassemble.co.uk
Sat May 22 00:28:06 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I've recently begun looking into ways of automating the monitoring of all my
servers.  Whilst most of the Linux/BSD stuff is sorted, I am having more
difficulties gathing the details of the Windows Boxes.

The main source of problems is how to retrieve the event log details from a
remote machine.  During my research I came across some old mailling list
articules in 1999 regarding 'rpcclient' and a command that was looking to get
implented onto that for eventvwr.  Does anyone know if this work is still going

If rpcclient eventvwr support is no longer planned, can anyone make any
suggestions of how to get the information using Linux/BSD tools.  I have found a
few tutorials on how to get the information using Perl, but these are when also
running Perl from a win32 operating system, I would like to monitor as much as
possible from the Linux boxes (currently using a mixture of SNMP tools, MRTG &

Thanks in advance for any assistance offered.


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