[Samba] Windows XP slow access to network places shortcut?

Clint Sharp clint at typhoon.org
Fri May 21 23:02:30 GMT 2004

samba wrote:

> All, thanks for the help. Clint, here are my conf files as you 
> suggested. I do think that your hunch is right due to the fact that 
> browsing between the subnets became funky a couple of weeks ago for 
> some unknown reason. Thanks for any suggestions or advice:

Your fileserver already has wins support = yes, which means it's acting 
as a WINS server.  Remove all the remote browse announce stuff from all 
your configs, set all your clients to use your fileserver as your WINS 
server, and see what happens to your performance.  Let me know if it 
doesn't improve after doing that.


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