[Samba] smbsh/smbwrapper.so on Solaris 8/Samba 3.0.4

Kenneth Marshall ktm at it.is.rice.edu
Fri May 21 19:53:12 GMT 2004

Has anyone seen the following problems with smbsh under
Solaris 8:

1. smbsh with no options does not prompt correctly for the
         Username: and Password:. You can enter them if you
         know that is what you need and it will continue on.
         If you use -U username it works.

2. Once smbsh is running, any command results in a "[1]+ Stopped"
        with bash. If you "fg" then you get the correct results.

3. With smbsh running, "ls /smb" results in an error message:
     >ls /smb

     [1]+  Stopped                 ls /smb
     > fg
     ls /smb
     ld.so.1: ls: fatal: relocation error: file /usr/site/samba-3.0.4/lib/smbwrapper.so: symbol __unsafe_string_function_usage_here__: referenced symbol not found
     > exit

Do you have any ideas on how to generate a working smbsh.

Yours truly,
Ken Marshall

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