[Samba] 99% CPU utilization

Gary MacKay gary at edisoninfo.com
Fri May 21 14:42:38 GMT 2004

I've had samba 3.x installed since it came out. It's been working just fine 
until two days ago. I've changed nothing. (I know, you've heard that before, 
but I swear it is true) Two days ago my applications started to drag. I 
putty'd in and saw the smbd process taking over 95% CPU. I searched the 
archives all the way back to September '03. Manually, I might add. I did not 
see a "search" button anywhere. What a pain. Anyway, I found a lot of people 
with the same problem and NO answers. I've restarted samba, then did the 
Microsoft thing and restarted the whole server. Neither impressed it any. Some 
replies in the ng refer to damaged .tdb files, but again, no way to fix it.

Does anyone have an answer????????
- Gary

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