[Samba] Re: Problem upgrading to 3.0.4 and ArcServe

Shane Drinkwater Shane_Drinkwater at pa-ucl.com
Thu May 20 21:28:17 GMT 2004

I downloaded the SP from Microsoft.com( Offline network install ) I am on
SP4 on Windows?? Would ArcServ implement its own

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Shane Drinkwater wrote:
| Jerry,
| I am having the problem and I am in Iowa. So I
| don't think it is a location specific problem. My
| Arc Serv Box is a Windows 2000 Server box w/sp 4.
| One special note is that my Arc Serv Box is also a
| backup Domain controller for my Domain. Other than
| that I have a pretty run of the mill network. I am in
| the progress of testing  the
| patch(https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1315)
| with my test server. I should know if it works
| bye tonight....

Strange then.  I had originally thought that all service
packs for Windows 2k enabled strong encryption (unlike the
us and export versions we used to have for NT4).  Maybe
I'm wrong.

What service pack is you windows 200 DC and where did
you get the SP archive from ?

cheers, jerry
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