[Samba] Re: Problem upgrading to 3.0.4 and ArcServe

Shane Drinkwater Shane_Drinkwater at pa-ucl.com
Thu May 20 17:56:32 GMT 2004

I am having the problem and I am in Iowa. So I don't think it is
a location specific problem. My Arc Serv Box is a Windows 2000 Server
box w/sp 4. One special note is that my Arc Serv Box is also a 
backup Domain controller for my Domain. Other than that I have a 
pretty run of the mill network. I am in the progress of testing 
the patch(https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1315) with my test
I should know if it works bye tonight....


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Andreas wrote:

| On a related note, I'm surprised at the amount of people
| being hit by this bug, since, to my understanting, it
| only affects windows installations without strong cryptography
| support, which means old service packs or none.

I've looked into this some more and it could just be a
different in the way that non-us windows servers operate.
We only ask for AUTH_PIPE_SEAL in winbuindd' schannel code.
All of my servers include the nonce for sealing in the
verfier returned from the server as well.  But apparently
non-us servcers don't.

The only way I could reproduce this was to use a unpatched
2k DC.  But everyone of the people who reported this bug
(that I can remember) where outside the US.

Go figure....

cheers, jerry
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