[Samba] sharing users home dirs for Win2003 and linux

Buchan Milne bgmilne at obsidian.co.za
Thu May 20 16:03:49 GMT 2004

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| I've setup a linux box with winbind as a member in Win2003 AD and
| everything works fine.
| I want to share the Win2003 users home dirs with the linux box, i.e.
| when a user logs into the linux box, after he's authenticated through
| winbind, he should have his home dir from the Windows box, how can I do
| that??

Using a CIFS share (especially CIFS without unix extensions) for a linux
home directory is most likely not going to be the best option. It would
be easier to use one Linux server to serve the home directories via NFS.

| Obviously I have to use CIFS to mount the dirs, but how do I maintain
| file and dirs ownerships and permissions??

If you are keeping the homes on the win2k3 box (which you should not
assume will get you a working linux desktop - console logins work fine
but most desktop environments made assumptions about the filesystems of
the users home), this is no issue. You just ensure (ie via pam_mount)
that the CIFS/smb share is mounted with the uid/gid of the user logging
in (easy enough with a single configuration line for pam_mount).

If you are using a unix server via NFS, you use the ldap idmap backend,
and point all the winbind clients at the same LDAP server (with at least
one having write access to it). Then, SID->uid/gui mappings will be


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