[Samba] MS Patch MS04-011 & Samba upgrade

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu May 20 16:01:05 GMT 2004

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EXT-Auleta, Michael wrote:
| If I have a Samba server that is part of a Windows 2000
| domain and is not a domain controller (all of our
| authentication goes against a Windows 2000 box), do
| I need to upgrade to 3.0.4/2.2.9?  What is the interaction
| between a Samba server that is part of a domain and the
| Windows client if all of the authentication is being
| done against a Windows 2000 PDC?

It is doubtful that this is an urgent upgrade for you.
Unless you are supporting a loarge number of local user
accounts on the Samba box.

However, the patch for KN828741 apparently fixes a bug in
the machine trust account password changing code as well.
So its kind of up to you.

cheers, jerry
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