[Samba] How Is Administrator Treated?

Les Bell lesbell at lesbell.com.au
Thu May 20 06:34:15 GMT 2004

"Les Bell" <lesbell at lesbell.com.au> wrote:

First: I created an Administrator account in Linux, and it wound up (here)
with a UID/GID of 604. That's just an ordinary user ID, so what makes it
special as far as the domain is concerned? Should the Administrator account
have a UID/GID of 0? If I try to run USRMGR.EXE or SRVMGR.EXE I can see
things, but can't change them ("Access is denied").

OK, let me answer my own question, here:

I already had "admin users = les,root", but I've tidied up and now have:

domain admin group = $smbadmins
admin users = @smbadmins

with Administrator and myself (slack, I know) as members of the group
smbadmins. Having root in there probably wasn't a bright idea. . .

I still have trouble with USRMGR.EXE, though. Whenever I try to edit a
user's information, when I click on OK, I get "The group name could not be
found". Now, I'm assuming that "Domain Users" is faked internally to Samba
and all users are in it, but shouldn't Samba find any other groups, such as
the user's primary group in the Red Hat user private group scheme?

My other problem concerns an inability to add or edit registry entries
(specifically IE proxy settings) on a workstation when logged in as domain
administrator. I'm pretty sure that involves SID's somehow. . . .

[Apologies in advance for the incorrect threading my MUA produces; I'm
experimenting with multiple email accounts and some other tricks here].


--- Les Bell, RHCE, CISSP

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