[Samba] Getting Microsoft Word and samba to work together.

Colin Palmer colinp at waikato.ac.nz
Thu May 20 00:11:40 GMT 2004

We're using samba to provide home directory shares for our users, some
of whom are logging in via thin clients connected to a Windows 2003
terminal server.

I have disabled oplocks on the homes share and it has reduced the amount
of "I saved my file and now it's corrupt" complaints, but now we're
getting lots of small files starting with '~' being created in users'
home shares and complaints that Word claims the disk is full even when
the user has plenty of quota left (resulting in lost data when the user
blindly OK's the message and quits Word)

I've tried putting /~$*/ into veto files, but then Word refuses to save
anything at all.

Unfortunately for the terminal server users only their home share is
writeable, so we can't suggest that they copy their document from h:
drive to the local disk, edit it, then copy back to the network share
when they're done and its saved correctly.

Does anyone have any other ideas/tips/tricks/etc. for getting Microsoft
Office to play nicer with samba?

Colin Palmer <colinp at waikato.ac.nz>
University of Waikato, ITS Division

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