[Samba] Windows XP slow access to network places shortcut?

samba samba at crofox.com
Wed May 19 21:35:40 GMT 2004


In winxp & 2k for that matter, you have the ability of saving shortcuts to network places in the my network places. When some of my users try to access these shortcuts(to a samba share) in winxp, it takes a horrendous amount of time for the folders to populate the screen. Especially when viewing in windows explorer with the folders view button depressed. Under tools>folder options>view tab, I have unchecked Automatically search for network folders and printers and also unchecked Use simple file sharing(recommended). Any ideas as to what might be causing the slowness? Also, under XP is there any way to get around having to do the %name to access a samba share? e.g. \\fileserve\share\subfolder%user ?? Any info/advice/comments/criticism is welcome!! Thanks.


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