[Samba] connecting to a win2003 share from a samba in a domain

lorenzo lorenzo at muug.it
Wed May 19 18:46:49 GMT 2004

hello everybody. I am trying to connect to a windows 2003 server in a
domain environment (active directory) from a samba box.
The samba server successfully joined the domain, but when I try even to
list the shares it gives me a sad 

tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I try the same command from another linux box which isn't part of the
domain, and everything works. Password and users are right.
I tried users that are only on the win2003 server, users that exist in
the smbpasswd file and are enabled, users that exist only in /etc/passwd
and nothing happens.

smbclient is Version 2.2.3a-12.3 for Debian, the win2003 server is plain
vanilla. The "working" version is Version 3.0.2a-Debian. The fact is
that I cannot upgrade the samba version on the server lightly, so I must
know if it is a different version problem or has something to do with
the domain.

Any help is greatly appreciated

my best regards,

Mantova Unix User Group founder
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