[Samba] "ldap_add: Already exists (68)"

abebe lsslp peaceofcrap2001 at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 16:34:03 GMT 2004

As I enter this in the command line: 
ldapadd -x -h localhost -D "cn=manager,dc=EAGLES,dc=com" -f base.ldif  -W
I get the message:
ldapadd: update failed: dc=EAGLES,dc=com
ldap_add: Already exists (68)
Is that a bad thing? Here is my whole "base.ldif" file under /root/LDIF/:
dn: dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectClass: domain
dn: ou=Groups,dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalunit
ou: Groups
description: System groups
dn: ou=Users,dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectclass: top
objectclass: organizationalunit
ou: Users
description: Users of the Organization
dn: ou=Computers,dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectclass: top
objectclass: organizationalunit
ou: Computers
description: Windows Domain Computers
dn: dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectclass: dcobject
objectclass: organization
o: EAGLES com.
dn: ou=manager,dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectclass: organizationalrole
cn: manager
dn: cn=Domain Admins,ou=Groups,dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectClass: posixGroup
gidNumber: 200
cn: Domain Admins
memberUid: administrator
description: Windows Domain Users
dn: cn=Domain Users,ou=Groups,dc=EAGLES,dc=com
objectClass: posixGroup
gidNumber: 201
cn: Domain Users
description: Windows Domain Users


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