RES: [Samba] Experiences with Samba 3 in 'Windows Server 2003' mo de domains?

Tom Skeren tms3 at
Wed May 19 15:56:50 GMT 2004

Log on to the Linux server, do netstat -an and find out whether users 
machines are connecting to port 445 or 139.  If it's 445, then that IS 
the way to map a drive.  If the clients are 2000/XP, and they're 
atempting to connect to 445, it may well be that 2003 is forcing network 
shares to try to connect to port 445 only.  Microsoft is really trying 
to do away with netbios altogether.  I just experimented with turning of 
netbios over tcp/ip on an XP machine, and the only way to connect to my 
Redhat ads joined samba server was by IP address.

That's where I'd start looking.


Estevam Henrique Carvalho wrote:

>Hi Thomas,
>I ran Samba-3.0.2a + MIT Kerberos 1.3.3 with Windows 2000 without any
>problem, all the users was able to access the shares with their tickets,
>after migrate my W2K server to Windows 2003 no one can access the shares on
>the linux machine using its netbios name, it only works trough ip address.
>I've been many people reporting the same issue, but no one was able do
>Hi samba team can could you help us ?!
>Estevam Henrique
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>Thomas Maschutznig
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>Assunto: [Samba] Experiences with Samba 3 in 'Windows Server 2003' mode
>I have a RedHat ES3 with Samba 3 joined in a 'Windows 2000 Mixed Mode'
>domain running on Win 2003 DCs; everything works perfectly fine - accounts
>and groups all come from the DC through winbind and users can access the
>shares with their kerberos ticket without having to re-authenticate.
>Now, will all this still work if I switch to the "Windows Server 2003"
>domain mode or are there known problems with this?Please point me to some
>useful links or share your experience with such a
>I am using:
>    Thomas

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