[Samba] Suse Linux OpenExchange Server (Samba 2.2.5) and XP

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed May 19 15:26:39 GMT 2004

At 8:44 am -0400 10/5/04, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

>  > I'm also told that if we have roaming profiles, then the XP machines
>>  will store loads of c**p on the server and keep moving it back and
>>  forth as each user logs in/out - is this the case ?
>Yes, if your net-admin is a 'nit, and doesn't define any policies.  Even
>with a "real" PDC you get this behaviour.
>>   Is there any way
>>  of dealing with it (eg having the machine pull the files down as
>>  needed) ?
>Yes, "ntconfig.pol"

OK, so we need to create a .pol file. It seems that the tools that 
will do this for NT/2000 don't cope with XP because (as it was 
explained to me) XP now supports a bigger, deeper registry and the 
tools can't load the .adm files.

MMC (or rather the group policy object editor snap-in) allows 
fiddling with the local registry, but apparently doesn't support 
saving a .pol file.

So what do other people use to create .pol files for use with XP ?

And can you elaborate on how to configure machines so that users will 
automatically be directed to their network home share when saving 
documents ? Having their entire profile on the server would be OK (I 
guess) as long as it isn't synced up and down to the client all the 
time. What I don't want is to have 100M (or whatever) of surplus (and 
effectively dead) crap on every machine that a user 'visits' 

This is now on 2.2.8a-UL

Am I missing something here ?

All our users have their 'own' machines, but they do occasionally sit 
elsewhere. It would be OK to have whatever settings have been made 
for the machine, as long as they see their own data files.

As for making changes to machine configs after rollout, well it would 
be really useful, but we're looking at alternatives (like Symantec 
Ghost) to roll out changes made to a standard image.

I was under the impression that this was easy, now it seems that XP 
really does mean Xtra Problems :-(


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