[Samba] Help Samba Virtual Servers (Host aliases) configuration problem

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Wed May 19 13:18:47 GMT 2004

> WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH: I want this one server to present 
> itself to Windows Networking as both "ctstools" and "ftp" such that 
> when clients browse to \\ctstools all they see is the [tools] share 
> and that when they browse to \\ftp they see whatever shares I place 
> there.
> I'm missing something simple.  I know it.

"include" and -
%L  "the  NetBIOS  name of the server. This allows you to change your
config based on what the client calls you. Your server can  have a dual

See man smb.conf

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