[Samba] Help Samba Virtual Servers (Host aliases) configuration problem

Romeyn Prescott prescor at digirom.potsdam.edu
Wed May 19 13:02:49 GMT 2004

I have.  Although I completely missed the 445 thing.  So I used the 
'smb ports' directive to switch to 444.  Netstat confirms this.

So I have a netbios name of "ctstools" and a netbios alias(es) of 
"ftp".  I use the include directive to include 
/etc/samba/smb.conf.%L.  In /etc/samba I have smb.conf.ctstools and 

When I do a testparm, it tells me that it is only processing the 
section "[tools]" which is the share defined in smb.conf.ctstools. 
It never picks up /etc/samba/ftp!

If I try to "force" it in manually with another include statement, it 
shows up on clients, but under BOTH netbios names.

WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH: I want this one server to present 
itself to Windows Networking as both "ctstools" and "ftp" such that 
when clients browse to \\ctstools all they see is the [tools] share 
and that when they browse to \\ftp they see whatever shares I place 

I'm missing something simple.  I know it.


At 8:47 PM +0200 5/18/04, Schlomo Schapiro scribbled:
>use the include feature together with the %L parameter, like in
>        %L     the NetBIOS name of the server. This allows you  to
>               change  your  config based on what the client calls
>               you. Your server can have a "dual personality".
>               Note that this  paramater  is  not  available  when
>               Samba  listens  on  port  445, as clients no longer
>               send this information
>So if you use port 445, then it won't work. You can still try to use
>another of the many % variables.
>Another way is to define IP aliases and start several smbd each for a
>different IP alias. See the following parameters:
>bind interfaces only
>(Note that only one should have and you might have to set that
>one as the master and the others as security=server and password
>server= so that the many smbd daemons won't step on their
>respective feet)
>On Tue, 18 May 2004, Romeyn Prescott wrote:
>>  I'm replying to this old message just to say that I am trying to do
>>  the same thing and it's not working.  I have done everything as this
>>  person has, and no matter which host a Windows box visits, they see
>>  the same shares.
>>  Is it not possible to set up netbios aliases which each present
>>  separate shares?
>>  Thanks,
>>  ...ROMeyn
>>  At 4:58 PM +0200 7/8/03, Poletto Davide scribbled:
>>  >Hi,
>>  >I need to create one or more NetBIOS host alias of my unique SAMBA server
>>  >version 2.27 which is running on a RedHat Linux 8.0 box acting as a simple
>>  >file-sharing machine for our WORKGROUP.
>>  >I need that my clients see three differents host more than the real
>>  >fileserver;
>>  >I think the scope of virtual server was based on which virtual host I'll
>>  >contact I'll see the relative share: so everyone will see FILESERVER share,
>>  >everyone who conntacts ALIAS1 will see ALIAS1 share (and FILESERVER share
>>  >due to include mechanism...) and so on.
>>  >This is part of my actual "smb.conf" file on /etc/samba directory:
>>  >
>>  >[global]
>>  >
>>  >workgroup = WORKGROUP
>>  >netbios name = FILESERVER
>>  >netbios aliases = ALIAS1 ALIAS2 ALIAS3
>>  >include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%L
>>  >server string = SAMBA %v on %h
>>  >
>>  >[SHARE]
>>  >comment = FILESERVER share
>>  >path = /home/share
>>  >printable = no
>>  >writable = yes
>>  >valid users = @filesharing
>>  >write list = @filesharing
>>  >
>>  >...then I have edited three separate smb.conf.%L (%L substituted with each
>>  >alias NetBIOS name) under /etc/samba directory:
>>  >
>>  >smb.conf.ALIAS1
>>  >smb.conf.ALIAS2
>>  >smb.conf.ALIAS3
>>  >
>>  >each of theese configuration files has only a share section (No [global]
>>  >section) with this style:
>>  >
>>  >smb.conf.ALIAS1 has
>>  >
>>  >[ALIAS1]
>>  >comment = ALIAS1 share
>>  >path = /home/share_alias1
>>  >printable = no
>>  >writable = yes
>>  >valid users = @filesharing
>>  >write list = @filesharing
>>  >
>>  >smb.conf.ALIAS2 has
>>  >
>>  >[ALIAS2]
>>  >comment = ALIAS2 share
>>  >path = /home/share_alias2
>>  >printable = no
>>  >writable = yes
>>  >valid users = @filesharing
>>  >write list = @filesharing
>>  >
>>  >and so on for ALIAS3.
>>  >It doesn't work properly because it seems that the variable %L will not
>>  >"set" as it would by the client connect request.
>>  >Each client inside my workgroup see effectively three different hosts
>>  >(virual hosts) ALIAS1, ALIAS2 and ALIAS3 plus the real fileserver 
>>  >but if I'll try to connect with ALIAS1 I'll see only the /home/share of
>>  >SHARE and not this one plus/and ALIAS1 /home/share_alias1 of ALIAS1!
>>  >The same if I'll trying to connect to ALIAS2 or ALIAS3...
>>  >It seems that include mechanism doesn't work properly.
>>  >Could anyone help me setting up this configuration files properly?
>>  >
>>  >Davide Poletto
>>  >
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