[Samba] Samba completely crashes linux system

Majeed mabuqu at ilstu.edu
Wed May 19 05:07:42 GMT 2004

I have used 3.0.2 on a gentoo system and havn't experienced crashing
when windows clients connect. I am using 3.0.4 (compiled from source,
not the ebuid) and I have a problem with winbind crashing. Anyhow I
think you need to give a bit more information about the crash, and maybe
some information about your configuration and enviornment. Are you using
gentoo's ebuild or are you compiling from source? Maybe someone else
will have a exact answer for you, but with that amount of info, I doubt it.

good luck,

yalag wrote:

> I'm using samba 3.0.2 version, and whenever a windows tries to access 
> the samba machine, it will crash it. I'm running gentoo with kernel 
> 2.4.23. The samba will work when viewed from a linux os. Anyone know? 
> Thanks

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