[Samba] samba 3.0.4 on Debian sid

Greg Folkert greg at gregfolkert.net
Tue May 18 23:18:27 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 04:26, Rafal Pietrak wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was wondering if anyone have tried to build v3.0.4 on Debian unstable
> (curently it's sid)?
> It failed for me, and I had to make changes to packages/Debian/debian/* to
> have it go. It looks like the debian directory there comes from quite old
> days and samba evolved to the point where not all of it curently apply.
> The main problem is, that two chunks of fhs.patch get rejected.
> In the patches I include here, those two chunks are removed from fhs.patch
> (the new patch is thus included here), and 'currently applicable' versions
> of those chunks are in fhs-rp1.patch. I've made this split to allow for
> easier inspection. For distribution, those should probably be 'cat-ed'
> togather again as fhs.patch replacement.
> I also had to change some debian control files to have the package build.
> Those changes are in debian-files.patch, which SHOULD NOT be put into
> debian/patches as the fhs*.patch should, but applied manually BEFORE
> dpkg-buildpackage is run (by doing: patch -p0 ...).

You might need to do a build-depends before you try to build Samba.

You might choose to get the deb-src package for 3.0.2a and transfer the
Debian directory to the 3.0.4 source. This is a very quick workaround...
do the proper editing for 3.0.4 and all things should build very well.
They did for me.

greg at gregfolkert.net
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