[Samba] Hi again timur

Tom Skeren tms3 at fsklaw.net
Tue May 18 20:15:13 GMT 2004

I am completely frustrated at this point.  The following is not meant 
against you personally, but I'm the ONLY I.T. person for 100 users in  6 
different offices, and I don't know what to do at this point but beg.

I finally figured out what Heimdal is, and I believe is the main 
problem.  Installed 5.2.1 on a machine.  Installed krb5 from ports.  
Changed make.conf adding KRB5_HOME=/usr/local.  Rebooted.  Got the 
newest port for samba-devel.  Did make, make depends, make install.  Try 
"net ads testjoin".  Machine responds "ADS support not compiled in".  
Either I get it compiled in but net ads join/testjoin always error out 
because of some incompatibility in Heimdal Kerberos, or this happens.  I 
really am getting up against a wall here.  I've gotta get this thing 
working.  It took me three hours to do this on a Redhat machine.  I've 
been trying to do the same thing in  FreeBSD for three weeks straight.  
I really don't want to rebuild all of my servers with Redhat, I don't 
know Redhat very well at all, and that means replacing 4 production 
servers.  I could really use a bit of help. 


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