[Samba] samba 3.0.4 - smb´s not starting

Jorge Kramer jorge_kra at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 18:34:14 GMT 2004


I just installed samba 3.0.4 (upgrade form 3.0.0 which
has some nasty bugs) and there are some things I
dont´t understand. First, testparm is looking for my
smb.conf file in /usr/lib, thought it should be in
/usr/local/samba/lib (at least this is what Makefile
is telling). Anyway, smb.conf is only in /etc/samba
and I had to do a symbolic link between those 2
location, so tesparm should know. 
Second, samba is not starting. Both smbd and nmbd are
stopped, I can see that 
root# service smb status
smbd is stopped
nmbd is stopped
but when I try to start smb I get a message
root# service smb start
Starting SMB services: execvp: No such file or
directory [FAILED]
Starting NMB services: execvp: No such file or

I have another question: upgrading means that samba
config file will be changed? I know, a silly question
but I have to ask because I didn´t find the answer in
samba howto.

Hope you will help me with an aswer and a way to solve
my problem.


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