[Samba] SWAT seems to corrupt WINS SERVER line if multiples are specified

Hall, Ken (IDS ECCS) ken_hall at ml.com
Tue May 18 13:45:55 GMT 2004

We use real Windows WINS servers, and after a couple of availability problems, we learned that we could specify multiple addresses on this parameter, and use both our primary and fallback servers.  

At first, I had problems getting it to work, but after looking at the code, I found that the list of addresses had to be separated by semicolons.  Since then, I've specified the parm as two addresses, with just a semicolon and no space between.  This has worked through several upgrades of 2.2.x.

We recently upgraded a couple of our servers to 3.0.2a and 3.0.4, and discovered that SWAT changes this list to two addresses separated by a comma and space.  Examination of level 10 trace of the nmbd startup seems to indicate that the second WINS server is not recognized when this format is used.

Did I miss something?  Should both formats be valid?  Or is SWAT generating the wrong format? 
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