[Samba] Cannot connect MacOSX domain member to PDC

Huyler, Christopher M CHRISTOPHER.HUYLER at ca.com
Tue May 18 13:23:55 GMT 2004

What is it that you have tried so far?  Post your server and client
smb.conf files as well as the exact error so we can get a better grasp
of the problem.

You should also take a look at the "Directory Access" application in
/Applications/Utilities if you haven't already.  It will allow you to
use Active Directory or LDAP to authenticate your username/password when
you login.  Before you do that, though, you do need to join the domain
with samba using "net ads|rpc join -S servername -U username".  You
might be getting the master browser errors because you are not
specifying the server.

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Subject: [Samba] Cannot connect MacOSX domain member to PDC

I have a PDC which is a Sun280R with Solaris 8 running PCNetlink2.0
(effectively a WindowsNT4.0 server)

I want to join a Apple G5 with MacOSX10.3.3 (Samba 3.0) as a domain
member of the above PDC.

It will not allow me to do this and has lots of "master browser -
unknown" in the logs of the Apple.

I have the IP address in the same range as the PDC and have the netmask
set the same also.

I can make the Apple a standalone server and can then map a drive in a
windows client, but it is still not seen in "Network Neighbourhood".

Has anybody had/seen these issues with Apples before and can pass on any


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