[Samba] Odd behaviour while mounting a cifs volume

Charles Nadeau charles at elf.coara.or.jp
Tue May 18 09:16:35 GMT 2004

I tried to mount a volume using cifs as the filesystem type. I am using the 
cifs 1.02 patch on kernel version 2.4.22. The machine holding the disks is
a WinXP Pro machine.

When I use plain vanilla mount with cifs as the filesystem, I get:

Mosix4 / # mount -t cifs // /fukuoka/c -o
mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on
       or too many mounted file systems

But if I use mount.cifs instead, I get:

Mosix4 / # mount.cifs // /fukuoka/c -o

No error message, it works!
If I substitute the IP address by the name of the machine, it doesn't

Mosix4 / # mount.cifs //Fukuoka/Fukuoka_c /fukuoka/c -o
mount error: could not find target server. TCP name Fukuoka/Fukuoka_c
found  rc = 9
mount error 22 = Invalid argument
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)

I am not really concerned by this last error message, I know why I get
What really bugs me is why the fist statement doesn't work while the
one does. They are almost the same. What is the subtle difference?
Could somebody shed a bit of light of this one?


Charles-E. Nadeau Ph.D

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