[Samba] username map break in 3.0.4 ?

Putinas Piliponis putinas.piliponis at icnspot.net
Tue May 18 08:02:16 GMT 2004


I have following username map:
!root = Administrator
nobody = *

in the documentation says what ! should stop processing the list of username maps,
but looks like it doesn't. If I have second line with nobody = * when it maps Administrator account to nobody
if I remove nobody = * then it gives root access to administrator account. With version 3.0.2 this way was working fine.
I chech the debuging output, first it maps administrator account to root, and after for some reason to nobody...
If it's matters I have security = domain and OS is freebsd 5.2.1
Do I miss something or this is a bug ?

Putinas Piliponis

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