[Samba] Linux network with access to NT4 domain

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon May 17 19:44:21 GMT 2004

Jason Romo schrieb:

> Am I not posting this to the correct group?
> Thanks
> On 5/13/04 9:20 PM, "Jason Romo" <jason at romos.net> wrote:
>>I have a problem I am trying to resolve.  I have Linux firewalls protecting
>>the users on many networks.  Everything works but Domain logons to the NT4
>>Domain.  This is due to NETBIOS  and NAT problem.  So I have users that have
>>a private address and a PDC that has a pubilc address due to the network
>>design that can¹t be changed.  I have install Samba 3.x and thought I could
>>join it to the domain to allow the samba server to handle the connection for
>>the NATed users.
>>Is there a way to do this?  I need the local users to be able to
>>authenticate to an NT4 domain  or I have to remove the firewalls.  I am
>>working on trying to convince them to migrate from the NT4 domain to samba,
>>but it is a battle.  If I can show them that Linux can work with the current
>>network for now it could by me more time to convince them to migrate.
>>Thanks in a advance,
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youre question , is very complex
all i can say is read samba faqs , and for sure there are possibilities 
to make work what you want ( special if you are allowed to change rules 
on the firewall ), but its hard to so give simple answers to network 
questions without more description of you whole net setup.
Perhaps you should look to a local linux community , and a few people 
which will help you.
It doesnt sound like your problem is very hard to fix.
Best Regards

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