[Samba] FreeBSD problems

Tom Skeren tms3 at fsklaw.net
Mon May 17 16:50:03 GMT 2004

No matter what I do net ads testjoin ALWAYS errors out on FreeBSD 
5.2.1.  I just did a completely fresh install, and used the latest 
samba-devel port and whenever I testjoin I get:

    kerberos_kinit_password TEST$FSKLAW.NET failed:  Unknown error:  
Join to domain is not valid.

In fact every version of 3.x has done this.  I have a Redhat machine, 
and was able to join ADS, however not a single FreeBSD (4 now) is able 
to do so. I copied the conf files from the Redhat system.  What am I 
missing.  I've been at this now for two weeks with no luck.

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