[Samba] strange dos directory names - mangle?

notbuu notbuu at postman.net
Mon May 17 06:50:35 GMT 2004

hi list!

first, excuse my bad english! ;-)

second, i've installed samba 3.0.4 on redhat 9.0 and have a problem with dos
directory names. under samba 2.2.X i've created an directory like e.g:

yyyyxxxxz under windows/linux.

to my dos clients this directory was showed as e.g:

YYYYXX~1 under dos. this was ok and very good.

since i've updated the samba version to 3.0.4 i've the following behavior:
yyyyxxxxz under windows/linux

but under dos e.g:
YAZ8MQ~1 under dos. unreadable.

so my question is:

i'm realy to stupid to configure samba the right way?
or is this an bug?

can anyone help me to configure samba the right way, so that is the same
behavior like under samba 2.2x? i've searched on internet many days and found
that some people had the same problem but no workaround or answer. :-(

thank you all for your help!

best regards


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