[Samba] ACL problems

Mike Sullivan mike.sullivan at alltec.com
Sat May 15 23:04:20 GMT 2004

I am running samba 3.0.4 member server in domain mode bound to an NT4 PDC.
I am running winbind to get domain account info.  I can create ACL 
entries using
the unix setfacl comand and can verify with getfacl.  However a Win2K client
will only show the basic user/group/other permisions translated to 
windows ACLs
and none of the extended ACL entries that I have created under unix. I 
can also not
add and ACL entries using the win2k security tab.  Ie add a DOMAIN\User 
to the files ACL. Are extended unix ACLs known to work with windows clients
under samba.


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