[Samba] Syncronising off-line content with my Samba Server in WinXP

Koen Thomeer koen at thomeer.be
Fri May 14 21:14:11 GMT 2004

I get an error when I want to syncronise my 'changed off-line files' with
the files of my Samba Server. The off-line files are located on my laptop
with windows XP running on it.
I can syncronise and acces my files manually (by drag-and-drop or
copy-paste) without a problem. There is no problem with the internet
The error message I get from the syncronisation program of WinXP:
Off-line file (PathToServer on NameServer): Acces to NameFile has been
refused on PathToFile. (This is a translation from Dutch).
The 'chmod' of the file is 777 and the owner is nobody:nobody. (I changed
the 'chmod' myself, normally it is 744.)
This is a part of my configuration file:
comment = DownLoad
path = /download/
read only = no
guest ok = yes

The samba version is 2.2.7a (RedHat 9).
What is wrong?

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