[Samba] nmbd dies every day

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 14 13:07:48 GMT 2004

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Florin Grosu wrote:
| Hi there, i have 2 samba servers (1 with ver 3.0.0-15 - will do an
| update soon - other with 3.0.2-7.FC1) both installed on Fedora 1.B and
| my problem is that for some reason one of them (3.0.0-15 to be exact)
| stops every day a few hours after everybody goes home. I had the same
| version on the other server and that never happened. Please any ideas
| why this happens?
| [2004/05/13 20:20:36, 3]
| nmbd/nmbd_elections.c:check_for_master_browser_success(76)
|  check_for_master_browser_success: Local master browser for workgroup
| TOTOLEFT exists at IP 10.1.xx.xx (just checking).
| [2004/05/13 20:21:04, 2] nmbd/nmbd.c:reload_interfaces(254)
|  Deleting dead interface 10.1.xx.yy
| [2004/05/13 20:21:04, 0] nmbd/nmbd.c:reload_interfaces(263)
|  reload_interfaces: No subnets to listen to. Shutting down...

I think we fixed this already, but I can't find the commit
messsage for it.  Please test 3.0.4.

cheers, jerry
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