[Samba] Sending message to connected users ?

Mike Stewart mike at powys-training.co.uk
Fri May 14 10:51:34 GMT 2004

Thanks again Arno, that's a possibility for the future.

Getting rather frustrated with the servers here... browse.dat is in
different places on our 2 servers and neither where you said it might be !
Reason for all this messing around is that one server (built by someone
else) is *extremely* flakey so I've built a replacement and I'm in the
process of swapping them over.  New to Linux and Samba so struggling with
commands :-(

Wanted to use "at" to reboot the old server at midnight and it took hours
yesterday to discover that ctrl-D was the command I needed to enter after
I'd typed "reboot" at the at> prompt.  I've got 5 Linux manuals and not one
of them told me how to use the at command properly so ended up trawling the

Oh well, when it's all up and running I'm sure things will get better, and I
will have learnt a lot thanks to this Samba list :-)



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Hi Mike,

hm.... if you are good in Shell-Programming you could
write a script which excludes from the /var/lib/samba/browse.dat
the "active" pc´s and sends them a message.


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