[Samba] friendly printer name

Christoph Klein christophk at cip.wiwi.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri May 14 09:59:05 GMT 2004

I have sucessfully installed an ad-integrated samba server. We mainly 
use the server for printer sharing and are very happy with it. We only 
have one problem or missing feature:
On a Windows Server, you change the name of a printer, so that it is 
different to the share name. We use 8-letter sharenames for being 
compatible to old Win9x-Clients, bbut we would like to have logner, more 
comprehendable names for our Win2k/XP users. The printer name on Windows 
   in the Properties under the general-tab; the textbox next to the 
printer icon can be altered and pressing ok saves the new name on the 
I tries to track the problem, and it seems like windows saves this name 
under the value "printerName" in the "DsSpooler" Key. rpcclient doesnt 
support a "setdataex" command so i changed the value manually in the 
ntprinters.tdb. But this had no effect!
Is there any opportunity to change the printer name on a samba server?!

Christoph Klein

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