[Samba] WINS Server: Use Samba or Windows?

Leon Stringer leon.stringer at nhs.net
Fri May 14 09:49:29 GMT 2004


The Samba documentation recommends that a Windows WINS server is used
for WinNT/200x clients, i.e.
http://samba.mirror.ac.uk/samba/docs/man/howto/NetworkBrowsing.html#id2531484 says "In a mixed NT/200x server and Samba environment on a Wide Area Network, it is recommended that you use the Microsoft WINS server capabilities."

But there's no justification as to why Samba isn't recommended in this
scenario; the only missing feature I can see is replication. Does anyone
know the basis is of this recommendation? What about good or bad
experiences with either Windows or Samba WINS servers?

Thanks in advance,


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