[Samba] Excel opens files as read-only

Thomas Munck Steenholdt tmus at tmus.dk
Thu May 13 22:02:09 GMT 2004

Edvard Fagerholm wrote:

> Hello!
> A few users on my network has complained about Excel opening files as
> read-only. What is weird is that the files aren't. I can open such a file using
> notepad and write to it, but when the same file is opened in Excel, Excel says
> it's read-only.
> Anyone know what the problem is? Workstations run WinXP and office is 2k3.
> These files are shared between many users, but I don't think it's a locking
> problem, because I checked that no one else was accessing the files at the same
> time.

Saw something like this (it may not be entirely the same) and was able 
to reproduce it pretty easily...

user_a : create excel file and put something in it, then save, close!
user_b : open file, make changes, save, close!
user_a : open file ... file will be read only!

This seemed to happen because of some semantics that MS office uses when 
updating a file...

Worked around it with "force security mode = 0200" and "dos filemode = yes"

Try it out, like I said, it may not be entirely same issue!


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