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L. Mark Stone LMStone at RNoME.com
Thu May 13 20:21:26 GMT 2004

On Thursday 13 May 2004 12:26 pm, David Brodbeck wrote:
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| > From: Jeremy Allison [mailto:jra at samba.org]
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| > Yes they plague Windows fileservers as well. Search in MSDN for
| > knowledge base articles relating to turning off oplocks in
| > data-critical situations (ie. when you care about files not
| > being corrupted :-).
| I ended up doing this on one of our NT 4.0 servers to keep Peachtree
| Accounting happy.  The real bummer is that you can't veto oplocks for
| specific files or shares under NT like you can with Samba -- they're
| either all on, or all off.

And if the Windows clients are running ACT! software don't forget there 
are some registry entries to deal with on the Windows clients as well.

The actdiag.exe program from will do this for you.

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