[Samba] 10 X Linux boxes - join win2k AD (mixed mode)

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Thu May 13 14:37:56 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I'd like to know your views on the following:

I have around 10 Linux servers, any that run samba or on version 2.2.* they have there own smbpasswd files, but are within the same win2k browse domain.

I'd like to upgrade to samba 3.0.* and currently use openldap to authenticate Unix users to any of the Linux boxes.

I'd like to get rid of using multiple smbpasswd files, and start to authenticate against the win2k AD controllers or openldap.

I've been looking at the various discussions on this list for some time now to see if there was a preferred way of doing this but haven't come to a conclusion, does anyone have one?



BTW - Great work, samba 2.2.* has been so stable and quick for us, if it were my choice I'd ditch windoze altogether :)

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