[Samba] How to disable changing of modification times on file access?

Hannu Koivisto azure at iki.fi
Thu May 13 11:40:04 GMT 2004


I just upgraded from 2.2.3 (or whatever Debian stable has) to 3.0.4
(using the Debian packages available via the Samba mirrors).  I'm
running it on Debian GNU/Linux stable x86, kernel 2.4.25.  I
noticed that whenever I open a file using a Windows (I'm using
Windows 2000) application, Samba changes its modification time to
the current time.  The old modification time is restored when the
windows application quits / closes the file.

This causes all kinds of trouble, especially with Emacs'
auto-revert-mode.  Is there a way to disable this behaviour?


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