[Samba] Samba 3.0 timeout problems within multi-level ADS environments

Thu May 13 09:39:46 GMT 2004

Hey guys,

I'm trying to use samba 3.0 within an ADS-environment, but run into big
problems. Each time I start winbind, it tries to connect to EACH DC within
the ADS-structure (which contains at least 25 DCs worldwide) and this takes
a VERY long time. It also occurs that one of these is currently not
available (VPN-breakdown/policy settings) and at this point the whole system
is running in big timeouts, e.g. some users are unkown, file-name completion
within the bash is not working anymore, ...

Is there any way to advise winbind to use only ONE DC as proxy and not
trying to connect to each DC separately? Or solve this issue in any more
convenient way?

Right now I using a local script which parses the debugging locks and adds
automatically local REJECT rules to the firewall kernel.. But this seems a
very crazy solution <g>



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