[Samba] How to display the folder names in Japanese?

Tom Skeren tms3 at fsklaw.net
Wed May 12 18:46:48 GMT 2004

The C$ stuff is not Japanese share names.  All NT partictions (drive 
letters) have administrative shares that use that notation.  C$ is c:\ etc.
Try this

mount_smbfs //NTusername at servername/sharename /(some directory on the 
bsd box you want to mount to), and see what happens.  If it errors out 
you'll have a log file to start backtracking the error.

Bull TORS wrote:

>I have a FreeBSD-Current and I wanted to access the shares in our Windows NT.
>What I did:
>Since I only wanted to Access the only Data Server that we have in our 
>ethernet LAN I tried in kterm the following,
>  #smbutil view //windows_username at dataserver
>The result is,
>Share        Type       Comment
>NETLOGON     disk       Logon server share
>ADMIN$       disk       Remote Admin
>REPL$        disk
>IPC$         pipe       Remote IPC
>C$           disk       Default share
>G$           disk       Default share
>H$           disk       Default share
>As you can see the folder names which are supposed to be in Japanese comes out 
>as C$, G$, H$...
>My kterm can of course input/display Japanese characters...without any 
>man smbutil does not give me any option how to display the proper 
>Any help, pointers, advice would really be great...
>Thank you and hoping for your replies...
>Bull TORS

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