[Samba] Windows Read Only attribute, and Microsoft Excel.

alaslavic at havertys.com alaslavic at havertys.com
Wed May 12 18:20:41 GMT 2004

I have recently started migrating a Win2k fileserver to a Samba 3.0.2a
server.  Running in full ADS mode, with winbind enabled for authentication
against our Win2k PDC.  I am also running as much of the ACL support as I

The problem I am encountering involves excel documents.  The documents are
migrated from the Win2k server, to the Samba server, and are retaining all
of the ACL's during the move.  The problem is, if somebody opens the excel
document from a windows client (excel 2000), and then saves it, the file is
saved (or re-written actually) with changed permissions.  The owner is
changed to the person who modified the document, which is ok, but the
permissons are changed to "470" on the file, and shows up in windows as
Read Only to everybody, even if they are part of an ACL that has RWX.

If the owner removes the Read Only checkbox in windows, or, if I modify the
permissions for the owner to RWX in linux, the file will be "fixed"
permanently, even after subsequent edits / changes of owner.

It doesn't happen to newly created excel documents, only to the migrated
ones.  Once the migrated file is "fixed" the problem never comes up again
on that file.

Can anybody think of whats happening here, or suggest anything I can do
about it?  I have a few hundred-thousand excel documents to move, so fixing
this manually is not an option.



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