[Samba] How to display the folder names in Japanese?

Bull TORS pwd8jmr22w at me.point.ne.jp
Wed May 12 06:02:20 GMT 2004


I have a FreeBSD-Current and I wanted to access the shares in our Windows NT.
What I did:
Since I only wanted to Access the only Data Server that we have in our 
ethernet LAN I tried in kterm the following,
  #smbutil view //windows_username at dataserver
The result is,
Share        Type       Comment
NETLOGON     disk       Logon server share
ADMIN$       disk       Remote Admin
REPL$        disk
IPC$         pipe       Remote IPC
C$           disk       Default share
G$           disk       Default share
H$           disk       Default share

As you can see the folder names which are supposed to be in Japanese comes out 
as C$, G$, H$...
My kterm can of course input/display Japanese characters...without any 
man smbutil does not give me any option how to display the proper 
Any help, pointers, advice would really be great...

Thank you and hoping for your replies...


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