[Samba] Re: Browse lists & 3.0.x

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Wed May 12 01:42:32 GMT 2004

I've found that 9x/Me clients don't always show up in browse lists if they
are not sharing files or printers, or if file and printer sharing isn't
installed. Make sure they are all in the same workgroup or domain. If some
are in a domain and some are in a workgroup, give the domain and workgroup
the same name. Without going into a technical explanation of the difference
between domains and workgroups, suffice to say that if they have the same
name, your life will be easier.

Another question: do you have firewalling on any of these computers? I've
found that software firewalls can cause strange problems with network

--Jonathan Johnson
Sutinen Consulting, Inc.

On Mon. May 10, Alan Munday wrote:

I have a mixed network with both XP and ME clients.

I'm going round in circles trying to find out why half the machines, that is
half the XP and half the ME, don't show up in the browse lists.

I have searched through the archives and, while I can see similar problems,
I did not find a solution to this one.

Can someone give me some pointers to a solution please?



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