[Samba] problem with samba like LMB on windows network

krajicek krajicek at seznam.cz
Tue May 11 19:53:12 GMT 2004


i have problem with Local Master Browser (LMB) election on our network 
and i'd like to ask you for help.

we have setup local network for wireless internet connection sharing. it 
uses range and computers use common workgroup (named 
Riadok). there is about 20 computers and 1 server ( running 
samba. it works also like primary DNS server, proxy and firewall.
in smb.conf is:
local master = yes
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes

my own computer running windows 2000 professional is connected to 
described network. i have 2 network adapters in it so i use internet 
connection sharing (ICS) feature for sharing connection with other home 
computer. this feature set by default ip of second card to 
so it looks like:

1st computer - win2000:
workgroup = Riadok
adapter2: <- set by ICS feature

2nd computer - winnt:
workgroup = Home

till this point everything works more-less OK. i am able to use internet 
connection on both computers. i am also able to browse both workgroups.

but sometimes happen that my win2000 computer wins LMB election and 
beats samba. it is probably because it is on 2 networks or i don't know. 
then problems with worgroup Riadok browsing appears. it is possible to 
see samba server only.
can you please help me how to set up my computers (win2000 and winnt) 
and/or samba to asure that samba always be LMB and also to be able 
browse both workgroups and use internet connection on both.
i was looking for thru samba mailing list archive and also thru google 
but not be able to found right solution.
please answer to my address cause i didn't subscribe mailing list cause 
i already use some and have many messages in mailbox.

thank you for understanding and any help

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